How to stay relevant in a long sales process without becoming a nuisance!

How to stay relevant in a long sales process without becoming a nuisance!

How to stay relevant in a long sales process without becoming a nuisance

For many companies the buying process has increased, there are a number of contributing factors, such as numerous people are now involved, a procurement process can also impact, plus client priorities can change. It is suggested that it can take anywhere between 5 -12 touch points before commitment to engage is agreed, and yet sales people are giving up sooner than that. We need to find ways to stay engaged. Some follow up suggestions, that are worth considering.

  1. Schedule your follow up. As your meeting comes to an end, this is the time to schedule your follow up. By agreeing there and then, you have just made your job easier, there is an understanding and an expectation on both sides. Never leave a meeting without agreeing on the next step. Agree on the date and offer to put it into both diaries.
  2. Newsletter: I am sure that you have great content at your fingertips, on your products or service that your prospect would appreciate. Ensure that whatever you send, is high on value and relevant to your client. If you would not read, give serious consideration to sending it….
  3. Send a card. when is the last time you got a letter that was not a bill? Don’t under estimate the power of a hand-written card, in a digital age.
  4. An article that caught your attention: If you come across material that you feel your prospect would value , send it to them, let them know you are thinking of them.
  5. Networking: If you are a part of a network business group, invite them to attend the meeting as your guest. They get to meet like minded business people, promote their business and potentially meet people that could support their business.
  6. Engage on social media: Comment, like , share, retweet. Show your support for their business, by expanding their reach through your connections.
  7. Remember details outside of the business relationship. People buy from people, so as you build new relationships, ask questions, be attentive and listen to what is being said. Did they mention any milestones, birthdays, events or holidays?. If so, recognize those occasions. Sales is about trust, and listening is one of the best ways of building trust.
    All of the above are non-selling activities and are designed to keep you and your brand top of mind throughout the buying process. Become part of the sales conversation, position yourself as a trusted adviser, someone who brings value to every engagement with your client.
Jo Collins
Jo Collins
Jo Collins, through Sales Performance, works with business owners who want to develop their sales people and improve sales results. With over 25 years experience in Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a very practical approach to increasing sales performance. Having been directly involved in many sales roles from : Tele Sales – Field Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a great blend of practical knowledge in addition to the theory of Sales and Sales Management.

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