Think like a buyer

Buyers will  have concerns about changing a supplier  or investing in a new product or service. If we prepare and engage with the customer concerns in mind, its a great way to keep the meeting all about the customer, while reassuring them and addressing their concerns.

Here are some questions buyers might be considering when they are assessing new suppliers:

  • Is this person/company different from others we have seen or will see?
  • Are they competent and will they be able to do the job for us & deliver?
  • Do I want to share company information with them?
  • Am I willing to accept the consequences of going ahead?
  • Has the company convinced me of the short and long-term benefits I will receive?
  • Am I prepared to promote this to other decision-makers?
  • Am I prepared to ‘sell’ this idea to the end users, the people who will be affected by my decision?
  • Is this the kind of person I would recommend to others if they asked me?
  • Do I agree with the proposal’s value statements and their claims?
  • Have I contemplated contingencies in case their promises don’t materialise?
  • How can I trust them to do the job and deliver on their promises?
  • Do I really need to do this now?
  • What do I know about their track record?
  • Have they a business case that demonstrates return on investment?

By anticipating questions / concerns and addressing them in your pitch or proposal before being asked, it will help you to stay in control of the call. By looking at your service or product from a customer’s perspective it will help you position the conversation and remain in control.