Are we really listening to our customers ??

Are we really listening to our customers ??

To truly listen, we need to listen to understand – not to reply.

This applies to our family our friends and our clients. By replying, we think we are listening and in turn helping, when in fact , we should have just listened. Next time try to actively listen, ask questions, show you understand, listen without thinking or judgment. In a world of so many distractions and noise, we all like and want to be heard.  Listening is a very valuable skill in communication.

In a sales environment, if we don’t truly listen to our customers, 2 things can happen:

  1. Someone else will listen to them
  2. We will miss out on valuable information.

jocollins-salesperformanceSo in your next sales meeting, listen to understand – not to reply, and let me know how it went for you.

Professional sales people have many skills, listening is only one of them, to learn how to develop other skills please contact me.