Developing A Sales Plans for 2021

Each of us will either be implementing or developing a Sales Plans for 2021. Whatever stage you are at, some thoughts that I hope you will find helpful for the year ahead.

When I reflect on 2020, a quote comes to mind: ” Smooth seas, do not make skillful sailors” .Its fair to say that most businesses had to reinvent themselves, and in doing so, learned lots in 2020. As you begin to focus on 2021, some points to consider.

  1. Reflect on 2020, what can you learn from the year that was ( success and challenges )?
  2. What customers supported your business?
  3. What did you learn about what customers want and does this need to be reflected in your business plans for 2021?
  4. Consider creating a Key Account Management Plan for these customers. ( 80% of revenue tends to come from 20% of our customers )
  5. Create a sales plan that focuses on up selling to existing customers. ( Its easier to sell to existing clients )
  6. What about the customers that did not buy, revisit those customers and keep the lines of communication open.
  7. Consider building strategic partners for 2021.
  8. Understand your buyer and sell the way they want to buy; every customer is different and buying habits and processes have changed.
  9. Invest in networking for your business.
  10. Explore supports for your business.

Jo Collins

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