So what does a Great Salesperson look like?

So what does a Great Salesperson look like?

While this varies across industries and even across salespeople in the same Company, the following are the most common and important traits that you should look for when recruiting sales people:

Driven: Has a sense of urgency and a need to accomplish the task at hand
Confident: Believes in own abilities and can handle rejection
Outgoing: Projects a great first impression and is energized by social opportunities
Assertive: Effectively controls interactions
Engaging: Taps into emotions is likeable and memorable
Structured: Leads the customer through the process, is organized and follows through
Relational: Cares about the person, not just the sale
Focused: Doesn’t get sidetracked; knows the final destination

jocollins-salesperformanceSkills can be taught, but behavior is much more difficult to affect.

The key question is, can people adapt and learn, the answer is YES.

But how do you identify these attributes in an interview?. Sales people are skilled and persuasive, so it can be difficult, but not impossible.
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