The 2 Most Powerful Words A Manager Can Use

The 2 Most Powerful Words A Manager Can Use

Make a difference with 2 simple words

Take time, to acknowledge and recognize good work, with a simple: Thank You

We are busier than ever before, and more often than not, under resourced as well. With that combination, we sometimes miss out on the fact that people really want to feel appreciated — and a ‘thank you’ is really important. So often , good people leave their jobs, because they never felt appreciated.

Making “thank you” part of your conversation, it will serve you well with your team and your customers.

You might be thinking that this isn’t groundbreaking management advice, but ask yourself this:

How often do you tell your employees or the people you work with, that you appreciate them and thank them for their commitment and effort ?
When was the last time you actually used those words?

Here are some tips to make praise and recognition a habit.

  1. Make praise and recognition part of your day. Until you have created the habit ( it usually takes 21 days to create a new habit ) set aside time to say thank you to your employees. It could be as simple as sending an email, acknowledging good work on a recent success.
  2. Make it your business, as you walk through the office to stop, and recognize a recent achievement with your employees or colleagues.
  3. If you decide to send an email, remember to include their manager as well. It’s great to thank someone, but it’s even more powerful to let their boss know they’ve done a great job as well.
  4. Encourage a culture of recognition by setting aside time during meetings to thank people and encourage employees. If they see you doing it, they’re more likely to thank one another as well.
  5. Imagine how amazed and impressed your customers will be if they receive a handwritten note from you, thanking them for their business.

In this digital age, that personal touch means more than ever.

jocollins-salesperformanceThank you, I appreciate what you have done this week.
Great job on that project.
Well done on getting that sale closed.

Simply yet powerful, try it and see what happens. I would love to hear how it went for you.
Thank you for reading this note.

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