What are the key ingredients for sales success?

What are the key ingredients for sales success?

What are the key ingredients for sales success?

So often I find myself in the company of people who feel that they are not naturally gifted at sales and question their ability to be successful. Great sales people don’t just make a sale, they manage the relationship, ensuring repeat business. So what then, are the key ingredients to success, here are a few to consider:

Empathy, if you are in sales, don’t leave home without it

Listening; the ability to truly listen separates those that are good from those that are brilliant

Rapport : Developing understanding and respect with your clients

The above could all be wrapped around communication skills, which I believe is fundamental in sales. Yes there is a sales process and different techniques that will help with your success, but first focus on the above 3 points.
Stop selling and start focusing on how you can help or bring value to a client.

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Jo Collins
Jo Collins
Jo Collins, through Sales Performance, works with business owners who want to develop their sales people and improve sales results. With over 25 years experience in Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a very practical approach to increasing sales performance. Having been directly involved in many sales roles from : Tele Sales – Field Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a great blend of practical knowledge in addition to the theory of Sales and Sales Management.

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