When and how to close a sale?

When and how to close a sale?

As I support companies and individuals that want to grow sales and improve their performance, I find, we always end up having a great conversation around the best way to close a sale.
I have a number of techniques and options that I share, but I would really value a wider perspective on what people find works best for them. I know every industry is different, and sales process will vary, so taking all that into consideration – what is the best closing technique that wins long lasting customers for you.
Together we might discover something new, which would be brilliant. I will post the top 5, so you can have a look and try them out and see if you get a different result using a different technique.

I will kick start the conversation with my favorite:
1 ) The Alternative close
I enjoy giving customers, options. it gives the added value of keeping the sales conversation open.

What’s yours?



Jo Collins
Jo Collins
Jo Collins, through Sales Performance, works with business owners who want to develop their sales people and improve sales results. With over 25 years experience in Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a very practical approach to increasing sales performance. Having been directly involved in many sales roles from : Tele Sales – Field Sales and Sales Management, Jo has a great blend of practical knowledge in addition to the theory of Sales and Sales Management.

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